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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in store for us. >> beth: people without ac, 10 with the highest feels-like temperature today. the heat index tropical. unbelievable and of course we have showers and storms. if that wasn't enough take a look. you should know the severe thunderstorm warning has expired for trumbull and geauga county. you can see the lightning tracker on. first things first. let's head to the turnpike south of sandusky but just north if you are headed to the west and you are leaving right now, maybe you want to give it a good half hour so this system can travel east. it does come down right along the turnpike and touches it. it is putting down super heavy rain. lightning tracker is on. winds clocked upwards of 60 miles an hour in the storms creating damage. i put a tracker on it 5:44 north olmsted and strongsville and
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is good until you get to twinsburg which is good. walton hills is in on this and bainbridge. you are just on the fringe of this. we just had a soaker go through. so i will put this mesopotamia. yellow, upwards of 2 1/2 inches of rain just hike that. you need the heads up headed out tonight and let you know for the days ahead coming up. tiffani. hit by storms last night. catherine bosley kicks off our team coverage live in mentor where the damage was the worst. catherine? >> reporter: yeah. simply put, it is still quite a mess out here. look at this yard. my gosh, that says everything, right. across the street even worse and mixed in is a tangled mess of power lines and down the street the utility workers are working very hard and looks like that's
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there's so much work to do. >> reporter: it is the kind of damage. >> so far it is crazy. >> reporter: it takes utility workers by surprise. workers who's job it is to respond to storm damage. the usually busy mentor avenue down to one lane each direction this morning with so much debris. side roads so close together. people knew they were hit hard last night. i heard a big bang or smash. >> like y hard until this morning and she woke up to worst than most and a tree slamming into her home. >> when you came and saw this, what did you think? >> i just wanted to go back to bed and pull the covers up over my head. >> reporter: we wanted to see how things look from inside the house. sally let us in her attic and so much insulation you can't see the damage at first glance and contractors pulls back some of the insulation and points out a
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there's more damage to the house than meets the eye from the outside. >> you can imagine. >> i see a mess. >> you can imagine how hard it is on the eyes of the contractor what just redid sally's roof a month ago. >> we will have to redo it. thank god for insurance. >> reporter: thanks to the people who knows how to fix this mess at a time when every second counts with heat like this. as an example of how interrupted out here from seeing the mess, you see the car, this woman got home from work. she got in and underneath the power lines. she did the right thing and wasn't going to take a chance going over the power lines. we are sure everything is turned off and everything is safe. i asked how long before the power is restored. it looks like it will be awhile with this. i am told all the power should be restored before the night is over.
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mentor air in the dark. >> asking questions, getting answers, catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> tiffani: last night's storm caused major electrical damage. in the high school a fire was started possibly due to a lightning strike. the entire building is without power after a tree on ridge road took out the power lines. freshman parent orientation is scheduled tomorrow for 7:00. freshman should report school library 12:00 to 2:00 for schedules. cleveland heights was hardest hit city in cuyahoga county. downed trees, damaged property and some people are still without power. shanice dunning continues team coverage live in cleveland heights tonight. shanice? >> reporter: i can tell you, i am one of the those people in cleveland heights without power. people are dealing with trees. the damage is everywhere. i talked to a city official
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streets to help clear the debris. >> reporter: the sound of high-powered machines could be heard around cleveland heights as crews worked to clear trees from roofs and out of the street. it was quiet at simon's automotive on lee road. >> the closer i got to my shot, trees were down everywhere on top of the roof. >> the owner had to send everyone home because they have no power. we have a hole in the roof. >> reporter: there's a hole in the profit because they could not bring in the usual numbers. >> every day between 7 and $10,000 and employees not working it is money out of their pocket. >> it is hard not to take a few steps without seeing the damage. no way you can miss this on cumberland road. this tree fell across the street missing dan's house by a few feet. >> didn't hit any cars. didn't hit the house. >> he cleared what he could to get out of the driveway.
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the rest. many of us in cleveland heights waiting for the power to turn back on. the city official i talked to also told me if you have debris around the house and put it on the tree line, trucks will go around and around the city until it is all cleared up. getting answers in cleveland heights, shanice dunning, cleveland 19. >> we are offering charging station for those without power tonight. can you plug into our live truck loca lutheran east high school across from severance in cleveland heights and dan deroos is live with continuing team coverage. dan? >> reporter: hello, tiffani. that's severance town center and mayfield road. across from me we have our live truck and denise wheatley stopped by because? >> because my cousin tagged me on facebook because of the charging station.
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>> reporter: what are we charging for you right now? >> right now my ipad and my daughter's lap top. i charged my phone in the car. we didn't have those gadgets yesterday. >> reporter: you were watching tv at 9:30 and heard the storm come through. >> yes. the power went out about 9:59 and it's been out since then, even my job as well. >> dan: you work at a salon not far from here? >> no power at w it is a struggle. >> dan: we will give you the bill for what you are charging. we will submit the bill to cleveland heights. we will be here through 6:30. denise said that's the power of people finding out and people in cleveland heights. the station tweeted it out. i am tweeted it out. denise and her cousin tweeted it out. come up to lutheran east high
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town center, plug into our truck and use our generate. we are happy to help. hope you get your power on tonight. back to you guys. >> tiffani: if you were left in the dark and you have a fridge full of food, tonight we are getting answers on food safety. is it safe to eat? it all depends what it is and how long your power was out. download the free cleveland 19 news mobile app for a breakdown on what's safe to k you should toss out. >> we have an updating on west 103rd and jasper. two men have been arrested for stealing a 2015 kia sportage. they got away with purses, cell phones, money and bank cards. the car is not recovered. the suspects allegedly put a gun to the victim's head and ordered her out of the vehicle.
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that may have been involved. >> a cuyahoga police officer headed back to work after being in a bad car crash on the job. last month a man intentionally hit officer davis cruiser head on. davis had several broken bones and underwent surgery and spent 9 days in the hospital and is not taking life for granted. >> life is short. things can change in an instant. no matter whether you are a police officer or librarian or anything else. everything is can be taken instant. almost happened that night. god was smiling down. i get a second chance and get to come back to work and be forever grateful for that. that i get to come back work soon. >> tiffani: it will be a few months before officer davis is cleared to head back to work. meantime he is spending time with his wife and kids. coming up on cleveland 19 news shelby miller has more on the story including what officer davis' wife said about that
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way from the first preseason game and they will have a new starting quarterback. tony zarrella is live at the hard rock, rocksino. i happy to be wearing orange today. fitting, right? >> tony: you know something, if you grab the best table in the room, you better have a connection. if bernie can't get a table at kosar's wood fired bar and grill. how are y >> rg3, are you happy he went in that direction and happy with the timing of the decision? >> i absolutely like the timing of it. >> for teams to know in the first game against green bay this week, i like josh mccown. i really, really enjoy the way he reads defenses. i think it will help rg3 and help cody kessler. rg3 knows it is his team.
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offensive line comes together. it gives him a chance. me and you talk a lot about tailgate 19 about us quarterbacks. we are victims or beneficiaries of the guys around us. it looks like specifically at wide receiver, we have more depth. >> tony: what do you think of hue jackson? i have been at camp a lot and love his enthuseism and i like how he is involved in the offense. >> the offense is easy to al saunders, wide receiver coach, you did a little piece on him at the 4:00 hour, he is an amazing man and coach. hue jackson amazing man and coach. pep hamilton here as offensive coordinator. this is a strong offensive staff and not to take anything away from coach horton. as the defensive coordinator, it is a good staff. this is a good timing.
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coming from. you as a quarterback know the expectations to perform are on you now. >> a little different than the past. especially with the timing of the decision. we have not broken this news yet. you are coming back to cleveland 19 for a third season. >> i am proud you want to hang out with me on sunday morning. >> tony: got to learn what the plays are. it is like a different language to m some of the memorabilia is old plays that used to get me in trouble and cut. the thing coming up with rg3 and coach jackson and the rest of the organization is wins and losses. however you can get to a win is what it takes. this is the type of effort. you look at some of the plays behind you that i used to right
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i think coach jackson and coach hamilton and saunders and will give rg3 the young wide receivers with a veteran quarterback like josh mccown and an amazing chance to succeed. >> tony: bernie kosar, good to see you. let's go back to your event. >> let's get appetizers at an table there, tony. pokemon go players, if you want to try to catch them all drop by the ballpark. they will be dropping lures around the park. if pokemon isn't your thing maybe hot dogs, $2 beers and fireworks will lure you out to the game. coming up next at 5:00, a drinking water warning. public water in ohio. we are getting answers on the potentially chemicals that could be coming out of your faucet. cleveland 19 is getting results
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outrageous bill from the city
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by john hopkins this is cleveland 19. >> tiffani: we will go to live pictures. this is new york. you see a man scaling a building. that's actually trump towers in new york, manhattan, excuse me, 5th avenue in manhattan. apparently this is a guy who is an adrenalin junkie. you can see the broken window.
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mountain climbing gear. trump tower in manhattan. we don't know his motive but you can see live pictures. reports at one point he threw a computer down to the ground as he was climbing up the building, he threw the computer out of his backpack. you can see a broken window. some cloth and looks like moving cloth material there. this is out of manhattan. we will keep a close eye on this one. do you knowha drinking water? research shows ohio has the most pfa chemicals. the chemicals have been linked to high cholesterol, obesity, cancer and lower children's immunity to diseases. pfa's are man mid chemicals used in every day products pizza boxes, popcorn bags and nonstick pans. 16 million americans had above the limit.
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water. military sites, bases and waste water treatment plants had high levels. the primary makers phased out production years ago and manufacturers in other regions increased it since people buy products from asia. pfa's are prevalent in american homes. he asks questions and he wants answers. ly orlo >> tiffani: if you don't keep your lawn mowed, the city will do it and send you the bill. that's not the experience a local woman had. she didn't get a notice about her lawn but got a huge bill and got no response when she questioned the bill. paul orlousky got busy and got her an answer. >> reporter: this is sandy jones home in cleveland heights.
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30x48. the vaughn tiny and pretty much dormant. imagine her surprise when she got a bill from cleveland heights for one mowing. a bill for $605. sandy jones is almost 75-years-old and you would be hard pressed to call her elderly. this is the first time she mowed her grass since july. and same time at this property. she was informed cleveland ht administrative fee. >> i was flabbergasted. $605. i couldn't possibly imagine what this is for. >> we are in the middle of a drought. if this yard wasn't mowed in five weeks, could this yard need mowing after two and a half weeks. >> the young lady checked the file. she said the lawn was in disarray. he made it neat.
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no response after a week and she called us. we went to city hall. >> mr. harris wasn't in and butler got an answer quickly. >> we cut a house at 895 and billed the wrong address. >> sandy's address is 985 and not 895. a simple number is responsible. what's next? >> we sent her a voided copy of the bill. >> sandy had to go to doesn't know that. her mailbox should have a nice surprise soon. >> getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> if you wonder about the bill, it was needed for clean up and mowed several times. if you need paul's help and and happening in your neighborhood send an e-mail to
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your first alert forecast. this is an interchange at 90 and and 80. this is not even the heavy stuff. motorists are navigating this just fine. no need to worry. take a look at my map. i will show you that's good moderate rain. that camera is located through this interchange through here to the north of some of the westbound drivers and already threw heavy downpours and look what left serious downpours headed towards north ridgeville at this point. if i widen out to the turnpike not such a good idea. most of the storms headed to the lake to the northeast and hugging the shoreline from vermillion and sandusky. heavy downpours of rain and tricky to drive. put a tracker on this to north olmsted at 5:24, parma and before the top of the hour. some are traveling towards the
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it is the bright red you want to avoid. if it sets up over your house, be careful in case you head out. sandusky, sandusky itself is getting downpours of rain and heavy stuff and lightning tracker working and you should be inside at this point. here is a live look at this point, cedar point. you can see the storm clouds coming in. still dry at cedar point. happiest place on earth. dodging the bullet. they are twinsburg, you are getting absolutely soaked right now. this is not changed in a good half hour. you are cheering this on. south of solon to hudson. hudson is finally getting rain showers. heavier rain showers. that's not always what we need. bainbridge and tracking to the east slowly. not done with this. you can see the group to the west side headed to the lake.
5:23 pm
heavy showers and storms coming our way. heat and humidity sticking around. mugginess. we had more moisture adding in to our future view forecast model. i will tell you what, it really doesn't go anywhere in the next couple of hours until 8:00, 9:00 when we get a break from the rain. not heat and humidity. take your poison. the rainfall totals recentl south of middlefield nearly 2.5 inches of rain. got to be careful. the problem with this, it will start adding up. i know you are going we need it to add up. we don't need it like this. we need soaking rains. >> by the weekend heavy rain totals saturday and sunday. we don't get a break until maybe monday night when it clears out. tuesday is looking like a sure bet. >> tiffani: it will be a busy couple of days.
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>> we all know netflix is a big provider in town and that collection is expected to get bigger by the end of next year planning to spend $6 billion on programming next year. last year they content bringing series like "orange is the new black" and" house of cards." still one of my favorites. coming up, female olympians are stealing the show but still not getting the respect they deserve. donald trump's campaign is
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today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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>> beth: if you are headed out now doppler max spotted strong storms north of ridgeville including i-80 and i-90 to columbiana and brunswick down to hudson seeing heavy rainfall. coming up, i will let you know when we see an end to this line of storms. >> tiffani: politics now. after starting the week by touting his trump once again stumbled into controversy after making comments some say sound like he is inciting an assassination. scott mclain is in washington with more on the comments and why trump is trying to turn the page. scott? >> reporter: hey, tiffani, the last thing donald trump really needed was another controversy. that's exactly what he is dealing with today. on the campaign trail he didn't mention his latest gaffe but
5:32 pm
trying to move past self-inflicted controversy. >> i think we will have a great victory. i really feel it. trump raised plenty of eyebrows with this comment. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> that's what he said. what people heard is up for debate. some say it was a call for violence and the clinton campaign called it dangerous. >> now his casual inciting of violence shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander-in-chief of the united states. >> reporter: trump himself denies he meant anything violent. >> nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. this is a political movement. this is a strong, powerful movement, the second amendment. >> reporter: just as trump was
5:33 pm
now he may have to do something with the secret service had which said he is aware of comments and reaction from trump was visceral. paul ryan's response was lukewarm. >> it sounds like a joke going bad. i hope he clears it up quickly. you should never joke about something like that. >> today u.s. secret service official told cnn the secret service has spoken with the trump campaign about his comments but just moments ago trump denied any of those conversations ever tiffani? >> tiffani: hillary clinton is kind of dealing a new controversy of her own relating to a new batch of e-mails just released. what do you make of that? >> well, they seem to show a relationship between the clinton foundation and state department when hillary clinton was secretary of state nearly 300 pages of e-mails were released. some show clinton staff lobbying to get someone a job at the state department. another batch shows an employee
5:34 pm
a clinton aid at the state department to help a wealthy foreign donor get in touch with a u.s. ambassador. they accused clintons of pay to play and donald trump repeated that line saying this is more evidence of clinton corruption. the campaign itself is downplaying the e-mails saying they were between aides and none include secretary clinton herself or the foundation's actual work. tiffani? >> tiffani: all right. scott mcclain in washington. thank you, we appreciate it. >> tiffani: we have big wins for team u.s.a. as the summer games continue in brazil. michael phelps and after a heartbreaking loss in london four years ago phelps won by .4 of a second. the final five u.s. women's gymnastic team snagged a gold medal for their dominant performance. >> he is fast.
5:35 pm
>> tiffani: karlin, see him there making huge plays for the men's rugby team. the jackson high school track star's speed helped lead team u.s.a. to a 26-0 win over brazil in the men's preliminary tournament. let's take a look at the gold medal count now. the u.s. is in the lead. and u.s., south korea, hungary each with go team u.s.a.! female athletes have been put on the most amazing performances of the game. despite gold medal wins sexism is an issue for female competitors. jamie yuccas has that story. >> reporter: when hungarian swimmer set a new world record and won her first olympic gold, some of the focus fell on her husband and the coach.
5:36 pm
for turning his wife into a whole different swimmer. >> reporter: the remark lit up a firestone on social media o. twitter they called remarks offensive saying she smashed a world record and her husband is the one responsible for it. that's sexist. in a statement this morning dan hicks responded saying with live tv oftentimes you look back and wish you said things differently. it is impossible to he will her story accurately without giving appropriate credit to shane and that's what i was trying to do. >> it is 2016. women have accomplished so much. we have a woman running for president. it is what men behind them have been doing. >> rio games are the site of more than one incident perceived as sexist. on sunday another comment directed at a swimmer drew criticism. >> a lot of people say she swims like a man, she doesn't swim
5:37 pm
>> a trapshooter and bronze medalist cory was identified not by her name but the wife of a bear's lineman. the "chicago tribune" walked back its original tweet issuing a original release saying they tried too hard to emphasize a local connection to chicago. jamie yuccas, rio de janeiro. and more women watch the olympic games than men. ratings slipped dramatically from previous olympics. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> tiffani: we will take you live outside feazel roof cam i-77 in and out of downtown cleveland and things look smooth on this wednesday. right now we will check back in with dan deroos. he is in the parking lot of east lutheran high school from severance town plaza as we are offering a live truck as a power
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take advantage of it. >> dan: we have had a couple. we are in front of lutheran east high school. they have clean up of their own to do. a ton of people are still without power in cleveland heights. we have brought out our live truck. we are fortunate it has a huge generator in it. we have a lot of outlets plugged in. anybody that lives in cleveland heights can come and plug in. we are showing you where we are at severance town center and m you. yes, we know if you are without power you are not watching the news right now. you may have friends and family. the one woman we interviewed at the top of the 5:00 that's exactly what she had happen. wheatley was her last name. she came and her cousin tag her on facebook that we are offering it as a charging station. she came and got her lap top and ipad charged and the reason for that, there could be
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there are more storms in the area and you need your personal devices charged up. we will be here through the 6:30. if you know someone in cleveland heights and running out of juice, send them here and they can plug in and get a lot of devices charged at the same time. live in cleveland heights, dan deroos, getting answer. back to you. >> tiffani: thank you, dan. a viewer in strongsville woke up to find this in his backyard. lightning struck his tree and literally peeled the bark right off. it sounded like a bomb went off in his backyard. pieces were found 100 feet away. thanks for those pictures. >> beth: take a look. we pulled up another traffic camera. traffic is moving great. 80 and 480. can you see the road spray coming off the vehicles with the heavy rains coming down.
5:40 pm
not going to be where the water will start collecting. we will see huge downpours. there was a flood advisory out. we will continue to get saturated. over and over and over again. right in that camera view, 80. meeting up with 480. and getting soaked. south of north ridgeville. you are seeing conditions lighten up a bit. you are in heavier rain now and a whole trail of showers and storms from sandusky county all the way through. my goodness through geauga and youngstown at this point. some carry potentially very dangerous heavy rain at this point. auburn is starting to lighten up. newbury in the clear for now. chesterland as well. bainbridge to hudson getting
5:41 pm
bunch of lightning out there. wind speeds upwards of 60 miles an hour and definitely the wind is another concern what we saw last night. strongsville south of you to brunswick seeing heavier rain coming down. elyria starting to dry out and light drizzle at this point and sandusky and points you can see. sandusky is still getting it. cedar point was still dry. the islands are still dry. most is moving to the east. lightning tracker you can unbelievable systems coming through. our concern scattered showers and storms diminishing or dying down in the evening hours. our big threat today and next couple of days is the heavy rain. heat and humidity almost taking a sidetrack. heat index. 100 degrees in a couple spots in the mid-90s and oppressively muggy not going anywhere any time soon. not great sleeping weather. i get it. tonight temperatures in the
5:42 pm
tonight. we are going to continue this threat. as a matter of fact, this is a repeat weather. i will say the exact same thing tomorrow. we can run a loop of me, maybe, tomorrow. >> tiffani: at up glass, clothing and child care. how much is it costing you to have a job. workers are spending a chocking amount of money to be employed.
5:43 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks,
5:44 pm
mera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
5:45 pm
how much does it cost to go to work for you each and every day. a worker spends thousands every year just to have a job. tonight danielle nottingham is getting answers how to save a few bucks while earning them. >> almost there. almost there. 10 seconds left. the trainer knows it costs money to earn a living. >> you have to spend money to make to eat well and keep up and do training and pay for gym stuff for myself. clothes. >> reporter: add that to the price of commuting and a career builder survey finds the average worker spends $276 to go to work. that's 3300 a year. >> most people think about their job and paycheck and they need to think what it costs them to earn the paycheck. the cost to get to work and cost
5:46 pm
the cost of day care and pet care t. adds up. >> half surveyed spend $250 a year on clothes for work and half employees who buy lunch spend $25 or more a week. more than 30% who need day care spend $500 a month. >> even coffee adds up. about one of four workers who buy coffee spend $25 a week. there are ways to cut cost. >> if you put your mind to you can lower them by bringing your lunch or carpool. >> for those who don't carpool many employers offer cheaper rates on public transportation and parking, helping to bring down commuting costs. danielle nottingham, cbs news los angeles. >> tiffani: it is expensive, day care and everything else. >> romona: you have to spending money to make money. >> tiffani: definitely do. >> romona: coming up at 6:00, an officer talks one-on-one
5:47 pm
hit by a truck sitting in the car. carl monday is digging deeper into a danger on our streets. he is getting answers about what the city may do about dirt bikes. those stories plus team coverage on our weather tonight at 6:00.
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helping you plan your day this is your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> tiffani: last night i was standing in this and we were talking about possible damage and look what we have in northeast ohio. trees down, roofs damaged. a little bit of a mess for folks. power outages. >> beth: and this is just the beginning. it won't be stormy the whole time, we will have lulls in the action, some breaks. some of you i know partly sunny skies and doing just fine. wooster is like what? what's happening. >> we have storms in the area.
5:51 pm
nothing coming there. it is on the outskirts of cuyahoga county to the west, south and east. hudson is getting much-needed rain. in the course of the next couple of days, the forecast doesn't really change much for thursday and friday. saturday we will watch a cold front come through not the kind where yea, i get to open up the windows, no. we will dial the temperatures to the mid-80s and with the front, a potential for flooding rain, heavy rainfall. monday we start seeing are little bit. the chances of rain in the course of the next several days, my goodness, that's not what you want to see. every single day it is in the forecast. when we clear out a potential. i think monday afternoon you will maybe breathe fresher air. by tuesday, we finally get relief from this entire hot and humid sticky, muggy weather we don't normally see this many days in a row. i know you like the latest
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spend all day in front of the tv, the next solution is downloading our free cleveland 19 first alert weather app. it is easy to use. it gives you hour by hour latest conditions and gives you everything you need to know to travel around cleveland. it can go to any city you program, tiffani. it is easy to use. everyone should download it today.
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>> tiffani: welcome. we will go back to these live pictures out of manhattan. can you see there, we showed you this at the top of the show. trump towers a man, don't know why he is doing this, but has been climbing a couple of hours at least. an hour ago on the 16th floor and trump towers and goes to the 58th floor, 663 feet high. at one point emergency crews cut a hole in a grate in the building to get this guy out. on the other side crews are trying to lure him to come their way. it looks like he has five suction cups and looks like a
5:56 pm
again, we don't know where why he is doing this. he threw his computer from his backpack to the ground and climbing touch towers inspect manhattan for quite awhile. >> denise: huh. >> tiffani: interesting. he is getting attention we don't know why. police are waiting down below or uptown. >> he wouldn't be climbing on this hot day or he would be miserable. storms. take a look at doppler max. more to the north and lakeshore on the west side. but hudson and richfield all seeing heavier rain. lightning happening. coming up, i will let you know when these scoot out of town and when we see a little relief from the heat and humidity. >> tiffani: we will have much more on the power outages and the damage across northeast ohio coming up at 6:00. mark and romona will pop up here
5:57 pm
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local siding siding and door coy since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: trees down. power lightning so powerful it rips the bark off trees and it is not over yet. we have team coverage on our wild weather. >> mark: we needed the rain just not at once. >> romona: today beth mccleod is tracking the next round and joins us live with details from the first alert weather center. beth? >> beth: you know, it is a messy afternoon for many people. for people downtown and the people who work downtown will be in for a shock when they head
6:00 pm
lot of rain and we are currently seeing storms. look at doppler max lit up from avon lake to hudson. lightning tracker on and producing hail and lightning. there's been reports of small hail but not right now. can you see heavy red in downpours along 480 and 80 parma heights by the airport. peninsula seeing big downpours. boston the turnpike. can you see it is tricky trying to make your way home. a lot of itself seeing heavy rain. hudson getting heavy rain from streetsburg -- streetsboro to twinsburg. over by the airport. and systems not moving out as fast as last night and you need an idea where you are going and


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